Welcome To Berkshire Asphalt

Tarmac, Asphalt, Paving and Driveway Services In Reading, Berkshire

Welcome To Berkshire Asphalt

Tarmac, Asphalt, Paving and Driveway Services In Reading, Berkshire

As one of the leading tarmac and paving contractors in Reading, Berkshire we have grown to deliver the best services to meet our clients’ demands for block paving, driveways and drop kerbs, and general tarmacking.

We are self-driven to deliver all our services within industry standards so you can be sure you have the best contractors to realise your next construction project.

Our consistent record of providing quality and reliable services to all our clients in Reading, Berkshire and beyond is clear proof that we commit to professionalism in meeting all our clients’ demands.

Our Services:


Paving blocks are affordable materials ideal for creating original decorative freight yards, estate roads, driveways, pathways and patio spaces. These materials are available in kiln-fired clay bricks and concrete blocks or slabs, which are a cheaper but durable alternative to macadam and asphalt.

These paving blocks come in many different colours so you have a wide range of colours to choose from to meet your paving needs.

Block paving will help increase your property’s fiscal and physical value, with an extended service life even under extreme weather conditions. Paving blocks are also easy to maintain as compared to live lawns and kitchen gardens.


Driveways and drop kerbs are increasingly becoming the go-to option for most homeowners today that do not want to park their cars on the roadside. If you are among those that mind the security of their cars, and you want to park them on your own property, then all you need to is to obtain permission from the local authority, and we will design and construct a driveway or drop kerb for you with respect to your design preferences.

As is the case with block paving, driveways and drop kerbs form attractive and low maintenance entries to homes.

These two entry designs come in two options: concrete blocks or slabs, and smooth tarmac. If you want an incredibly strong and easy to install option that is most durable even in the harshest conditions, then smooth tarmac will perfectly fit your choice.

On the other hand, if you have strict concerns about slipping surfaces, and still want one that is long lasting and has minimal maintenance requirements, then using concrete blocks for your driveway or drop kerb will be your best pick here.

However, if you are still spoiled for choices, you can contact us to discuss your options, and we will deliver your design specifications to industry standards.

Tarmacking / Asphalt

All our tarmacking projects come in three main phases: site preparation, tarmac laying, and surface finishing. Visit us to enjoy the following tarmacking services: free site assessment, a guarantee on all work with fixed price quotations, asphalt recycling options to save you money, and specialised services for scuff resistant tarmac.

For free consultation and site assessment, and fixed price quotation, please reach us on 0118 449 2011

You can also contact us at info@berkshireasphalt.co.uk for further details on our services.