Block Paving

Block paving is a popular choice for paving driveways

This is because of the wide choice available in design, size, and colour. Very creative patterns can be made using different combinations of the three. We can make your driveway very attractive with our expertise in block paving.

We are ready to deliver and install whatever design, pattern, and style you wish. We ensure that the correct levels are dug and the sub-level is adequately compacted. We do the right drainage and finishing so as to have the best visual look.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are willing to listen to your ideas and are committed to giving you the best value for money.

Clay or concrete

Block paving is made of either clay or concrete. Each material has its pros and cons – we will help you make the right choice depending on your needs and budget.

Clay details

  • Natural colour makes it slow to fade
  • It is very durable and slow to wear
  • Available in square or rectangle design
  • Available in depths of 60mm, 65mm, and 80mm

Concrete details

  • A wider range of designs available
  • Wide range of depths from 40-100mm
  • Cheaper than clay

There are different patterns for both clay and concrete block paving:

  • Herringbone 90 degrees

This is the most common pattern. It is easy to lay using a straight edge timber rail laying half a block each time. The right angle makes it easy to lay the half leftovers meaning there is less wastage

  • Herringbone 45 degrees

This is a catchier pattern which places blocks at 45 degrees to each other. It is harder to lay and has more wastage as blocks that are cut cannot be used again.

  • Basket weave

This pattern is ideal for long straight driveways. Different colours can be combined for catchy detailing.

There are different styles of blocks:

  • Standard block paving

These are the most common and available in the patterns above. The typical dimensions are 200mm x 100mm and a depth of 50mm or 60mm. these pavers are most affordable.  Standard clay pavers are more expensive than the concrete pavers.

  • Tumbled block paving

These blocks are made to look distressed and aged. This look is achieved by tumbling the blocks in a cylindrical drum.  This distressed look makes these pavers ideal for driveways in older properties. They are more expensive than the standard pavers but cheaper than flagstones.

  • Decorative block paving

These pavers are used in decorative styling as they have special textures, sizes, and shapes.  This unique look is achieved by using secondary processing. This makes these pavers the most expensive option.


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