Concrete is a popular paving material as it is cheap to install and easy to maintain. If you are looking to lay concrete paving, make a concrete base for a shed or garage, or do concrete footing for a new building, we are professionals with long experience in concrete work.

If you need concrete paving, there are four types of concrete designs  on offer:

Plain concrete pavements

These are the most common concrete pavements as they are easy to make, affordable and reliable. They are unreinforced and have transverse joints that are spaced 5-6.5 feet. Some are made with dowels across the transverse joints. This helps in transferring weight loads. They are also made with tie bars across longitudinal joints for better interlocking between the slabs.

Plain reinforced concrete pavements

These pavements have joints and are reinforced with deformed steel or welded fabric wire. Joints spacing are further apart at 9-12 m than in the plain pavements. They also have dowels at the transverse joints and tie bars at the longitudinal joints. The reinforcement covers the whole cross-section of the pavement taking 0.15-0.25 % of the cross-sectional area. The reinforcement prevents cracking along the transverse.

Continuously reinforced concrete

Longitudinal reinforcement is preferred over transverse joints in this pavement. The reinforcement covers 0.6-0.8% of the cross-sectional area. The reinforcement is designed to keep cracks at a maximum spacing of 0.9-2.5 meters. These kinds of pavements are suitable for high traffic grounds.

Once you have decided on concrete paving, we shall send an expert to the site to make a few assessments. Our experts are open to your ideas and do as much as possible to make your ideas a reality so that the paving comes out just the way you want.

Depending on the nature of the ground, we can use either slipform or fixed form methods to lay the concrete. In fixed form, we have a machine that spreads, shapes, consolidates, screeds, and float finishes the concrete in one continuous operation. In fixed form method we use stationary metal forms to do all that.

We use materials from vetted suppliers so that the final concrete surface cures well without cracking and is able to withstand different weight loads. We can also stamp any decorative designs you have in mind.

Our last task is to ensure that the finishing has been properly done. All the surrounding ground that was upturned will be restored. We shall also do the required drainage systems. Our team is always dedicated to high quality of work to get you the best value for your money.

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