Poor drainage can cause asset damage and make life around a home generally uncomfortable. Storm water, flooding, standing water and soggy lawns are some of the problems that come up when there is poor drainage.  If you are having problems with drainage, we can help you fix these problems permanently.

The first step is usually sending one of our experts on site to assess the problem. This will inform on the kind of drainage that is needed.  Some of the more common drainage systems we install are:

Gutters and downspouts

These are efficient for taking away water from the roof. However, they must be installed properly to avoid this water collecting at the foundation of the house. We advise connecting downspouts to drainage systems on the ground that will take the water far from the house.

Poly corrugated tiles

This is the most commonly used system for relocating, distributing and collecting water. Perforated poly pipes are flexible enough and can be deployed to lead water into leach fields where it can be reabsorbed into the surrounding soils.

French drain

This is a trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe in the center. The perforated pipe allows water in and out as it slopes away to be reabsorbed further away from where it is being collected.  A French drain can also act as a water retention system until water has adequately percolated into the surrounding soil.

Dry wells

A dry well can be quickly installed to collect water and then release it back into the soil at a slower rate. It can be used with other systems like a French drain or a downspout. When installing a dry well, we usually have an over-flow outlet in case the drywall fills to capacity.

Swales and culverts

A swale is grass channel like a small creek or a stream that is dry. It channels water from one area to another. A culvert is a plastic, metal or stone structure much like a large pipe for moving water under a road or driveway.

Dry creek beds

These are landscaping features that double up as water drainage systems. They can be used for controlling water runoff and direction while retaining an aesthetic appeal.


While we try to use natural methods as much as possible, if the problem requires the use of a sump pump we install one to move the water along with more efficiently.

Our team of drainage professionals is highly experienced and will be able to tackle your drainage problems in a short and efficient manner.

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