The driveway is one of the first features that visitors to your home will take note of. We can help improve your home’s curb appeal by installing a beautiful driveway from the material of your choice. Most driveways are covered with asphalt or concrete but we also have other interesting choices. Your choice will be guided by the area to be covered, traffic expected on the driveway and of course your budget.


Sand, rock and asphalt cement are used when doing an asphalt driveway. The usual covering is basic black like on roads but stamping is sometimes used to lay interesting designs for a better look. Asphalt is easy and cheap to install making it ideal for a large driveway.

Glass / Resin Bounding

Also called the resin bound driveway. This is the best material when it comes to colour variation. It is possible to make very interesting designs using different coloured glass. It is easy to maintain and lasts well due to the strong adhesive resin. It is ideal for average driveways.


Most homeowners prefer concrete because it is cheaper to install and low cost to maintain. It also lasts fairly longer than other types of materials.



Gravel looks good on a long driveway in well-landscaped grounds. It is the easiest driveway to lay as it only involves pouring the gravel and levelling it off.


A brick driveway spells class and opulence. Brick has been used to pave driveways in aristocratic homes since ancient times.  It is to be found on many historical grounds like ancient cathedrals and palaces. However, brick does not come cheap but the price is justified by the finished look. If laid properly, brick can last as long as concrete.


This is another surface that looks classy and timeless. It is long lasting when laid properly.  Even when it wears a little, it adds to the detail. It is ideal on a short driveway.


We are experienced in laying all these types of driveways.  We work with you to pick the best material and do the necessary preparations including correct edging and drainage systems. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering the highest standards.


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