Getting ground work right is not something you can afford to get wrong. If you are building, you have to get everything absolutely correct.  This keeps you on the good side of the law too as you must follow the building code.

We are happy to carry out any ground works on your property from the ground up to laying the bricks.  We provide the following services:


We dig foundations accurately according to your approved floor plans and your builder’s instructions


Our heavy equipment is able to dig up trenches in short time and accurately. We will also fill the trenches after the foundation has been laid.


We take care of your building’s substructure keeping in line with the required structural regulations.

Sewer construction

We install sewer systems for different sizes of homes and occupiers.

Basement construction

We can waterproof the basement and do other types of basement works to use all the space efficiently.

All drainage

We install drainage systems including gutters, downspouts, sump pumps, culverts and other systems to drain water efficiently.

Site strip out and muck-away

We shall take care of site cleanup when the builders are done with the site. We shall clean out any debris left on site and any other leftover building materials

Block paving

We do all types of driveway paving. You choose the paving material, design, and patterns and we make sure that your driveway is visually stunning

Asphalt works car parks and forecourts

We lay asphalt car parks, forecourts and paving of other different sized grounds.

When you come to us, be sure that you are getting the best. Our experts will be on site to assess what needs to be done and the best way of doing it. Your ideas will our top priority as we want your property to come out just as you envision it.

We have the men and machinery for all kinds of groundwork. We ensure that we are on the same page before starting on the job so as to get all the steps right.  We are happy to look into your every request on how you want the work done.

Our commercial services include surfacing housing estates, retail parks, business parks, industrial parks, and large car parks. We can also build new roads, and pave school playgrounds.

All our customers come away impressed by our work. Our long experience in groundwork services has built high knowledge in both commercial and residential tarmac. Our team is highly dedicated and always committed to high-quality workmanship.


For free consultation and site assessment, and fixed price quotation, please reach us on 0118 449 2011

You can also contact us at for further details on our services.