Patios & Paving

You can make the patio a place of envy by installing beautifully patterned paving.

A patio is a beautiful addition to the house giving the family and friends a space to connect and enjoy the weather outside. We are able to help you make your patio visually attractive drawing from our long experience doing patio paving.

The usual materials used in paving patios are brick, concrete, rubber, flagstones, slate and marble. Each material has its pros and cons depending on the area to be paved, the method to be used and decorative patterns or designs you want.

Brick patio paving

These will give your patio a truly classic look. Brick paving is ideal for homes with a Mediterranean style but can also be used in the conventional style.

  • Brick can withstand high weight loads
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Non-slippery texture

Concrete patio paving

Poured concrete is the most common paving surface. It is affordable than other patio paving. There are two types of concrete paving;

  • Interlocking concrete slabs which are reinforced concrete and suitable for high traffic areas like driveways
  • Architectural slab which is concrete shaped to resemble stone or brick. This is the more suitable choice for patio paving.

Using concrete has several advantages:

  • It is possible to style the concrete using stencilling, engraving, stamped patterns, exposed aggregate and so on. This will make your patio visually unique.
  • Low-cost maintenance and easy to repair
  • A wide range of colours and patterns.

Rubber patio paving

This paving is typically made of recycled rubber. They are lightweight to work with and come in different colours and designs. Rubber pavers are not slippery making them ideal for a home with elderly people. The advantages of this choice include:

  • Low cost as the rubber is recycled
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Very durable as the rubber does not crack or chip.
  • Wide range of colours and designs

Stone patio paving

Flagstone, slate, granite and marble are the most common stone paving materials. These give the patio a more outdoors look with a rugged profile. These are good for the patio as:

  • A stone in its natural state is very strong and durable. It is stronger than concrete. Stone will not crack from the expansion-contraction process in the outdoors weather.
  • Easy to install
  • Water resistant. Stone can be washed with water without damage.
  • Low-cost maintenance.

Our team is very ready to work with you for any kind of patio paving. We have very experienced professionals with much knowledge on what can and can’t work according to your patio paving needs. Contact us today to find out more.

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