Tarmac & Asphalt Surfacing

Tarmacking / Asphalt Services in Reading, Berkshire

All our tarmacking projects come in three main phases: site preparation, tarmac laying, and surface finishing. Visit us to enjoy the following tarmacking services: free site assessment, a guarantee on all work with fixed price quotations, asphalt recycling options to save you money, and specialised services for scuff resistant tarmac.

If you are looking for tarmac services in Berkshire we assure you of the highest quality tarmac material for both residential and commercial works. All our tarmac driveways are very attractive with the supporting groundwork very well done. The drainage and the finish are also done to the highest standards.

Our residential tarmac services include surfacing garden paths, driveways, and courtyards.

Before we commence any work, our design team will come on site and take you through the initial stages including the initial groundwork and drainage, laying of the tarmac and the finishing including the different kerbs and finishes available.

We work to ensure that your wishes for the final look are achieved as closely as possible. We outline all costs and review the budget closely so that you get the best value for your money at the least cost.

The customer is free to choose from different tarmacking materials and also pick the finishing colour that is the best fit for the landscaping already on site.

The finishing includes protecting all surrounding areas and the vegetation on it like shrubbery, flowers, and grass. The grounds are left in the best shape possible.

Our commercial services include surfacing housing estates, retail parks, business parks, industrial parks, and large car parks. We can also build new roads, and pave school playgrounds.

All our customers come out impressed by our work. Our long experience in tarmacking services has built high knowledge in both commercial and residential tarmac. Our team is highly dedicated and always committed to high-quality workmanship.

These are the main types of tarmac that we lay

  1. Hot rolled asphalt which is ideal for;
  • Large areas of flat ground
  • Main roads
  • Shorter installation times
  1. Surface dressing which is ideal for;
  • Waterproofing foundations
  • Maintaining heavily used ground
  1. Top drive which is ideal for;
  • Longer lasting black finish
  • Durable and heavy duty needs

Homeowners can choose between all kinds of asphalt depending on where they want it installed.

For free consultation and site assessment, and fixed price quotation, please reach us on 0118 449 2011

You can also contact us at info@berkshireasphalt.co.uk for further details on our services.